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Constructed Matter produces handcrafted one-of-a-kind furniture and modern home decor. We try to keep you up to date on our projects, events, and happenings.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona // Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spline TOP Console

Tanya Ballard

I finally took time to get this table out of my head and into this world. It is inspired by a piece I saw while in Swaziland, Africa. The piece I saw was a bunch of magazines sandwiched between 2 pieces of plywood held together with four bolts running through it. It was appealing to me the only part that I thought could be improved on was the useability of the magazines. The Spline TOP Console requires magazines to make a solid surface to use for a table. The table will come powder coated a color of your choice. This one will be white. Check back for updated photos or go to the contact page to find out more about this piece.