Birthday Chair

It’s been 6-7 years since Tanya sat in her first Eames lounge chair. Now I know for the diehards this is a replica and I know for the original designians this is taboo and to you I say setup a gofundme so we can have a real Eames. Until that day here we are. [rant over] When it came time to think about a birthday present for Tanj (Tanya’s nickname; pronounced: Tahn j) I thought back to how much she loved that chair. Then my wallet screamed back, “Joe! You don’t have dem stacks!” (My wallet is hood, so is my grandma’s maiden name) With that, I hopped onto my favorite dumpster find app, OfferUp, and started my search.  This is what I found:


The chair looked like a decent replica in good condition. It had been on the app for a couple months so I decided I should see it and then make an offer. After seeing it, we made a deal at $200. It needed a total restoration. Initially, I thought we could fix the delamination of the ottoman and refinish the wood but after scheming with Grant at Lignum Cabinets and Woodworking, we decided to go crazy and make a stand out piece. 

This was our starting point.

As you can see the veneer was nice but the ottoman pushed us to laminate the piece with Formica - Just Rose in the Plex finish. This not only helped aesthetically but also helped strengthen the stressed and worn panels. After laminating the panels we trimmed, filed then painted the edge transition. It took a day or two to get it dialed but the finish details are worth it. Here are the finished shots. Enjoy!

Tanya Ballard