MN Alphabet™ Print

MN Alphabet™ Print

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Minnesota in the middle. Just one more thing to make our state a little more special. I designed the original Minnesota Alphabet™ Print in 2008 only to finally get it refined and printed in 2014 at the start of Constructed Matter. Every print is individually embossed and hand numbered. Each edition is only released once in their limited numbers and will not be reprinted.

  • Foil Stamped on French Paper

  • Individually embossed and numbered

  • 16" x 20"

  • 100% made in the USA

  • Ships in a heavy-duty stay flat envelope


Limited run of:

200 Kraft / Black Foil (9th Edition) 

100 White / Golden Maize Foil (7th Edition)


100 Black / Gold Foil (8th Edition) - SOLD OUT

100 Nightshift Blue / Copper Foil (6th Edition)- SOLD OUT

50 Black / Black Foil (5th Edition)- SOLD OUT

50 White / Pearl White Foil (5th Edition)- SOLD OUT

50 Black / White Foil (5th Edition)- SOLD OUT

50 White / Black Foil (5th Edition)- SOLD OUT

100 White / Gold Foil (4th Edition)- SOLD OUT

25 Spearmint / White (3rd Edition)- SOLD OUT

25 Blue Raspberry / White (3rd Edition)- SOLD OUT

7 Craft / White (3rd Limited Edition)- SOLD OUT

25 Tangy Orange / White (3rd Edition) - SOLD OUT

25 Steel Blue / White (3rd Edition) - SOLD OUT

100 Metallic Gold / Black (2nd Edition) - SOLD OUT

25 Blue / Orange (1st Edition) - SOLD OUT

75 Black (1st Edition) - SOLD OUT

*print only

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